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Arts and Media


Library Resources

  • Print books
  • Digital/eBooks
  • Databases/Digital resources
  • Professional resources

Online Resources

Students can login into our Destiny library catalog from home to look up books, place holds, review books, and check to see what they have currently checked out from the library. Make sure to select our school name before logging into the Destiny website. Students can login into the school Destiny website using their Google Docs login.

Lending Periods

All library books are checked out for a two-week time period.

Jefferson-Houston Librarian

Mrs. Holly Ousley-Lavender

Phone: (703) 706-4400


Jefferson-Houston Library Resources

Selected Online Resources

We have carefully selected online resources that our students can use to explore their personal interests and to help them with research projects. These online resources along with ACPS online subscriptions have been compiled into one, easy to access site. Several of these resources are available for students via their Clever page. 

Citation Information

IB students are inquirers and seek out knowledge so that they can better explore the world around them. As part of our school's Academic Honesty Policy and the ACPS Honor Code found in the Student Code of Conduct, students are expected to use proper citations in their work to avoid plagiarism. 


Plagiarism is the act of stealing or passing off the ideas or words of another person's as one's own. This happens all too often when work is copied and pasted without proper citation. It is best to quote and cite great ideas that you want to include in your writings and/or projects. Writing ideas and information in your own words helps to avoid stealing another person's work, but you still need to cite the source of your information. 


Students at Jefferson-Houston School use MLA (Modern Language Association) style to write papers and cite sources. A citation is a written record of the information other people need to find the source that you used in your work. Citations are required for research papers and in writing assignments in which you use works written by other people for guidance and inspiration. 

"There are many reasons why it is important to cite the resources that you consult when researching a paper. The most important of these are:

Give credit to authors whose works you have used (whether you quote them or not).

Provide a trail by which others can locate the materials you consulted.

Provide evidence of your research.

Properly citing materials is one strategy to help you avoid plagiarizing."

"Why Citations Matter." The University of Vermont Libraries: Bailey/Howe Library. The University of Vermont, 7 Nov. 2013. Web. 02 Apr. 2017. <>.

Most of our online resources provide proper MLA citations that can easily be copied and pasted into a Works Cited page. We encourage students to use EasyBib to help create citations for works that do not include proper citation notes. 

MLA Guide

EasyBib includes an MLA Citation Guide that will walk you through the different types of citations you may need to write. Please contact your Language Arts teacher or the Librarian, Ms. Facemire, with any questions you may have about creating a citation.

Band Program

The Jefferson-Houston Band Program is one of the largest, most voluntary organizations in our entire school, where members take part in numerous ensembles and activities. Our primary goal is to provide a well-rounded musical education and experience for all students. This education focuses on building a solid foundation of musical knowledge upon which artistic performances are built. In addition to providing a quality music education, the Band Program also recognizes the need for whole-child education. We seek to develop the character and citizenship of each member of our band, assist each child to attain his/her own personal best, and also promote the growth of life-long learning skills that the students can utilize in their time in band and beyond.

The Jefferson-Houston Band Program includes the following:

Elementary Band - Members in grades 4th through 5th have the opportunity to join a band and experience what it is to be a true musician. Students will work on instrumental fundamentals and develop rudimentary skills and techniques. Students in the elementary band will work in studio class settings with other instruments to hone in on instrument-specific items to help students reach their full potential! Students perform music at various grade levels with a strong focus on levels 0 and 2.

Concert Band - Members are primarily students in grades 6th through 7th who have completed the elementary level and are seeking to continue their musical experience. Students will be in larger concert groups that will focus on enhancing their musical technique, knowledge, vocabulary, and overall performance. Students perform music at various grade levels with a strong focus on levels 1 and 3. A prerequisite of the elementary band (1st year) is required.

Symphonic Band - Members are primarily students in grades 7th through 8th who have completed the elementary and concert band levels who are seeking to continue their musical experience. Students will focus on enhancing their musical technique, knowledge, intonation, balance, blend, vocabulary, musical style, and overall performance levels. Students perform music at various grade levels with a strong focus on levels 2 and 4. Prerequisite of elementary band and concert band (1st & 2nd year) is required.

Each band has two concerts which usually take place in December and May.

Additional Band Opportunities

Jaguar Band/Jazz Band - Members are primarily students in grades 6th through 8th will have the opportunity to meet AFTER SCHOOL for extra music opportunities beyond the normal school day. Students will have the opportunity to play a wider array of music upon style and genre.

Solo and Ensemble - Students will have the opportunity to polish and perform unique music to both perform freely and competitively. Students will have the chance to play solos, duets, trios, and quartets of all kinds of instrumentation to challenge their inner musicians even more!

Extra Events - Students will have seasonal opportunities to join band events across the district in multiple settings as both a performer and spectator. These include items such as Jefferson-Houston Band Day, TC Williams Band events, and field trips, Optimist Club, ACPS Summer Music Programs, performances and special classes by professional local musicians, and more!

Band Contact

Mr. Charles Roth

Mr. Roth has been with Jefferson-Houston since the start of the 2016-2017 school year. He holds students to high expectations in order for them to reach their fullest potential and broaden their future opportunities.

Phone: 703-706-4400